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Blanchon Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil - Colourless 1Ltr or 5 Ltr

Blanchon Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil Colourless
Preserves and maintains the natural finish of Original Wood Environment 
Quick and easy maintenance 
Dust proof 
Dries in 30 minutes 
No buffing required 
Available in Colourless and Ultra Matt versions 
Environmentally friendly 
Coverage Up to 25m² per litre 
Blanchon Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil is specially designed to maintain parquet and and all types of wood flooring previously treated with Blanchon Original Wood Environment. The Ultra Matt sheen provides a more natural, much less glossy finish than the Clear version. 
Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil should be applied as soon as the wood floor impregnated with Original Wood Environment loses its natural finish (normal wear and tear, minor scratches, etc.) This product is ready to use. Do not dilute. Shake well before and during use. 
Do not apply if the temperature is below 12℃ and use only in well ventilated areas. Keep any aquariums and plants away from the environment where the product is being applied. 
Apply a thin coat of Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil with a microfibre mop or clean, lint-free cotton cloth 
Small localised areas can be touched up using a cotton cloth to apply and polish 
The product spreads immediately and does not have to be worked for a long time 
The use of a buffing machine is neither necessary nor recommended 
Floors can receive light traffic after 30 minutes under normal conditions 
Cleaning Equipment 
Clean applicators immediately after use with water. Wring out cloths and wipe tools thoroughly after application. 
After Use 
Take reasonable precautions during the first hour following application: 
Protect the floor using felt pads underneath table and chair legs 
If necessary, a good quality mat placed at the entrance will retain dust and grit 
Wipe down any water or other liquid spillages immediately and take particular care with flower pots 
Do not move heavy furniture around 
Remove dust with a vacuum or broom - do not use impregnated fabrics 
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