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Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner Concentrate 8125 1 Litre

Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner concentrate 8125 1 Litre
Concentrate or spray. 
Before sanding, try our solvent-free Ecoline Magic Cleaner. 
Suitable for intensive cleaning of all wooden surfaces and all other surfaces such as PVC, linoleum and tile. 
Fields of application: 
Intensive cleaning of all waxed, oiled or lacquered surfaces. 
Also for all other surfaces such as PVC, linoleum, ceramic, tiles, 
natural stone … Easy removal of nicotine, grease and dirt films in 
bathroom and kitchen. 
Restrictions on use: 
Do not use on untreated wood or cork surfaces as it will hamper 
a subsequent coating. Discolourations, caused by improper 
application, may occur on alkaline sensitive surfaces (f.i. oak, 
chestnut) due to their high tannin content (test in a hidden area). 
Dilute Ecoline Magic Cleaner Concentrate 1:10 with water (for example 
0,5 liter concentrate with 5 liters water). 
Spread evenly on the floor with soaked joint-wiper, wiper, cloth 
(or appropriate cleaning machine). Do not pour directly on the 
surface – do not leave pools on surface. 
Leave to act for 5 – 20 min. Treat spots dried during that time 
again. Remove dissolved dirt with damp joint-wiper, wiper or 
cloth. Wipe 2 – 3 times with clear water. Wipe dry afterwards. 
This procedure can be repeated if necessary. Ecoline Magic 
Cleaner Spray can be sprayed directly on the surface. 
Coverage per liter: 1 liter Ecoline Magic Cleaner Concentrate is 
sufficient for approx. 11 liters of dilution. 
Number of treatments: 1x, if heavily soiled 2x 

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